Alcatraz: A Short Story

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Smack, Joseph's foot slammed into a table leg. The blindfold was tight against his dark blue eyes. Fear struck in his face when the blindfold was removed by a muscular man in a leather jacket. Dead laying on the floor was a 30 year old girl who was on the cover of many magazines. Her name was Kaity and she was an entrepreneur. There was a knife dug five inches into the her chest. Joseph fell to his knees in horror, but instantly the man in the leather jacket ordered him to stand. Joseph turned his head and saw a Beretta 950 pistol pointed at his face. Slowly, he stood and waited for his next order.
The leather jacket man now said “I killed this woman, and you will do what I want or you will be on the floor next to her. Now grab the
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Joseph Bagger is an only child with loving parents. He began serving his fifty years in prison on 1955 may first, fifteen days after he was caught at a murder scene in Rolly, North Carolina and convicted of the killing. Alcatraz is an island that is miles away from shore. Prison cells cover the whole island, and no one has ever escaped. Jo’s cell is very cold and musty. It smelled of mildew and the metal bars are covered in rust. There is a small cot about the size of a bench, and a toilet. The ground is dirty from the dust piling creating a carpet. Joseph lays on his bed for most of the day and only eats twice, breakfast and dinner. His meals consist of stale bread and any protein the guards can find. When Jo is released outside for some fresh air he studies the whole complex. He has only one friend at the prison, and it is the commander's dog named rusty. Rusty attempts to see joseph once a day by following the guards in charge of feeding Jo. They think that the dog is hungry, but Joseph knows otherwise. Whenever the commander sees rusty and Jo together he attempts to split them up, and he believes that the dog only fallows Jo because he smells weird. Joseph knows that Rusty may be helpful during his escape attempt, so he treats it like a god. The commander only stays at the prison for three months at a time. Whenever he is leaving Joseph calls out to the dog and pets it until the commander

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