Albert Camus 's The Myth Of Sisyphus Essay examples

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Albert Camus’s The Myth of Sisyphus” is a philosophical writing about a mythological person Sisyphus. The gods punished Sisyphus with an eternal penalty. His penalty required an everlasting endeavor that was directed toward absurdity. Sisyphus had to ceaselessly roll a stone to the top of a mountain that would fall back from the mountain on its own. Punishing Sisyphus in such way, the gods thought that there was no more terrible punishment than living in an absurdity. By making Sisyphus an absurd hero, Camus relates to existentialism and existential angst. He implies that existential angst is the part of the modern people’s lives because there is a conflict between what we want from this world and what we find in this world; every day, when we wake up, we think that we can decide how to continue our days; however, besides us, there are billions of people who decide how to continue their days. This is the point where existential angst starts to bother us. This is the point where we start to be dreading of external circumstances because some of the aforementioned people’s vital decisions cross our decisions and don’t let them be done. So, under those circumstances, can we find happiness in our daily lives? I have always believed that we can find happiness even under those circumstances.
Initially, happiness comes from different situations and it has various degrees. Happiness is different for different people. In other words, various people perceive happiness in different…

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