Essay about Alaska 's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

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A lot of controversies have been spurred between environmentalists and those who want to explore oil and gas over whether or not drilling should be allowed to take place in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. This two-sided argument, as with most concerning the environment, has been framed in such a way that there is zero neutral area. There are many uncertainties surrounding both the economic impact if development should be allowed, the proponent side of drilling claims that drilling would help increase our GNP, create jobs and energy security, and reduce our independence on foreign oils as trouble starts to stir in the middle-east. The rebuttal from the opposition claims that there would actually be no jobs created through this endeavor, as they would essentially be moving jobs from one place to another. Furthermore, even biologists do not know the full environmental impact this project would have on the local ecosystem. Considering my history in and appreciation for the Adirondacks as well as my deep fondness of the outdoors my opinion may be a little biased, but I do not believe that ANWR should be used as a well site.
As stated in both articles written by Kotchen and Layzer, there is a large amount of uncertainty about exactly how much oil can be extracted from the well. These estimates range anywhere from 4.25 billion barrels of oil with 95% certainty to 11.8 billion barrels of oil with a mere 5% certainty and a mean estimate of 7.69 billion barrels. These broad…

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