Alan Turing Was Misunderstood, Essay

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Alan Turing was misunderstood, to say the least. The man we now regard as the father of modern computer science was heavily criticized and discouraged during his life for various reasons. Nonetheless, Turing was an incomparable mathematician way ahead of his time, and he made major contributions to the math and technology fields, helping win World War II and creating a path for modern computers to become a reality. We recognize him today with great honor and respect, but throughout his lifetime, and even for quite some time after, his actions and accomplishments have caused a great deal of scrutiny. However, this doesn’t negate the fact that his accomplishments were indeed noteworthy. So noteworthy, in fact, that his work has made its way to our mathematics course under the study of encryption and coding. What Alan Turing did as a mathematician during World War II involved the use of codes and encryption to break the unbreakable enigma machine and subsequently win the war. His work had humble beginnings and staggering remains, but his involvement in breaking the enigma machine has indeed changed the course of history for the better. Turing was very much a self-involved student growing up. Distant from his parents, he learned to share his love and passion for only a few things, including scientific theories far beyond school levels, the study of the mind and the brain, and fellow pupil Christopher Morcom. Morcom’s sudden death left Turing devastated, but he was inspired more…

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