Akamai Case Study Essay

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Victoria’s Secret Web Site Raises the Bar on Customer Experience with Content Delivery from Akamai and IBM
Akamai Delivers Record Traffic, Improved Performance, and $1,000,000 in Infrastructure Savings

“It’s one of those great situations where everybody wins. Akamai enables VictoriasSecret.com to efficiently distribute content for our global e-commerce site while reducing the load on our infrastructure. This provides customers a fast, seamless user experience.”
— Chris Evans, Webmaster, VictoriasSecret.com

The Challenge
The Unpredictability of Marketing and the Online Channel In January 1999, Victoria’s Secret aired its first-ever Super Bowl commercial, announcing the live Webcast of its Spring Fashion Show.
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These images particularly challenge the Web site, where site performance is constantly threatened in the pursuit of an incredible customer experience. “For optimum performance, we like the home page to be between 60K and 75K in size, but we have had instances where it reaches 90 to125K.

Victoria‘s Secret Columbus, Ohio www.victoriassecret.com


Akamai Dynamic Site Accelerator Akamai Streaming

• Longterm partnership with proven technology provider • Building brand equity with high-quality images • Record traffic from improved site performance • Saved 1 million dollars in infrastructure investments • Freedom to focus on functional site enhancements that grow the business

The Goal
Victoria’s Secret had a number of business objectives:
• Deliver a Fast and Engaging Web Site • Manage Millions of Site Hits from Around the World • Avoid Purchasing Hardware that Sits Idle Much of the Time


Victoria’s Secret


Why Akamai
Proven Technology Victoria’s Secret went searching for partners with a proven track record of delivering large amounts of global content across the net. Their choice was IBM for managed Web hosting and Akamai Technologies, Inc., the leading provider of secure,

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