Ak vs M16 Essay

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Influential Battle Rifles of the Modern Era Throughout the modern era of conflict two infantry rifles have set the standard for all others, the M-16 and the AK-47. No other infantry rifle has shaped history more in the past sixty years than these two. They have encountered one another countless times since they first clashed in Vietnam, and critics have compared the two ever since. The AK-47 is an air cooled, gas operated, magazine fed, rotating bolt, assault rifle. It was designed by a Russian engineer named Mikhail Kalashnikov in 1947. It was accepted a few years later by the Soviet Union as a replacement for the SKS Carbine. It fires a 7.62x39 cartridge (Collecting). The projectile is larger and is known to have a …show more content…
A person shot in the leg may have the projectile exit through the ankle, instead of straight through to the other side of the leg, while also having smaller fragments remain in the body. Unfortunately, this can also cause the projectile to be thrown off course by small materials and it is not able to penetrate cover as well as its Russian counterpart. The maximum effective range for the M-16 is about 600 yards, giving it a definitive advantage over the AK in this category. Early on, the M-16 was known to have problems with reliability, although it was found to be cause by the type of powder in the ammunition rather than mechanical function (Evolution). But even with the newer ammunition, it still cannot match the reliability of the AK. The M-16 is an extremely versatile platform since the whole top half of the rifle can be removed in a matter of seconds, and a different top half can be applied just as quickly. Due to its reliability and cheap cost the AK has been the choice of mostly poorer fighting forces across the globe, while the M-16 has been adopted mostly by wealthier nations for its accuracy and lethality. Both have shown to be more than capable battle rifles and their use over the years now has given them a reputation that precedes them. Their long standing rivalry seems to have no end in sight because these weapons are still the mainstay of armed forces across the globe.

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