Essay on Ajax Of Ajax 's Suicide

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Sophocles’ play Ajax deals with the story of Ajax’s suicide, and the reactions that come before and after the act has taken place. The reason for Ajax’s suicide is in response to his failed attempt to kill the Greek leaders. However, this does not make Ajax’s suicide justifiable and would have been more acceptable to continue living yet this does not make him entirely to blame due to the prophecy given. This can be shown by examining the effect his suicide has on his family, the cowardliness that can be seen in escaping life, and the avoidance of responsibility to the Greeks and accountability for his actions. Together, these points display how suicide was not the only option for Ajax, that he could have chosen to keep living even with the humiliation.
Ajax’s suicide is unjustified due to the effect it will have on his family and close ones. This includes Tecmessa, Teucer, Eurysaces, and his parents. Tecmessa gives her argument to try and convince Ajax not to commit suicide. She describes what will happen to her if he does, being subjected to the taunts of his enemies and to a new master and how he will leave his parents to their old age without their son . However, despite this plea, Ajax still goes ahead with suicide, doing so with no shame or regret . Laurence makes the observation that Ajax does not see his friends or family as people, merely as extensions of himself; there is Ajax or there are his enemies, no one else . As a result, he dehumanises those closest to him,…

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