Ai Weiwei : Without Fear Or Favor Essay

859 Words Dec 5th, 2016 4 Pages
My artistic talent, in comparison to past classmates and relatives, has always been overshadowed so subsequently I had little desire to develop whatever talents I did possess. Notwithstanding, I’ve always wanted to be able to sculpt, paint, and draw with the same ease and beauty those past friends and teachers had shown. Moreover, I’ve always enjoyed museums and art galleries or anything that enhances my overall knowledge in various cultures and their histories. Furthermore, I love to travel and I feel that an environmental submersion into a cultures art and history can provide an increased appreciation for their diversity altogether. Although I have traveled abroad, I have not been fortunate enough to visit any country within the continent of Asia. Aforementioned considered, I felt intrinsically drawn to the plight, struggles, and artwork of Ai Weiwei’s that were highlighted throughout his compelling self-titled documentary, “Ai Weiwei: Without Fear or Favor.” I thought all of Ai Weiwei’s artwork was thought provoking, pioneering, and courageous and so it is hard for me to isolate merely one as a favorite. I believe the Bird’s Nest Arena was a beautiful work especially considering Ai Weiwei’s lack of formal training in the field of architecture. The Swiss architects who assisted during its construction, expressed admiration and respect for Weiwei’s work ethic and process and I think this is an inspiring testimony to his artistic influence. I really enjoyed Weiwei’s…

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