Agriculture Techniques Of The Ancient Mayan Civilization Essays

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This article was originally published in 1962, by American Anthropologist; it studies the agriculture in the Maya Lowlands during the 1960’s to better understand the agriculture techniques of the ancient Mayan civilization. In addition, the study utilized the data to explain why the decrease in the Mayan population over time. It was determined that prior to performing the study that the climate was that of a tropical rainforest and that the climate had no changes from ancient Mayan time until now. In addition, the only changes that had occurred in the swidden agriculture were the materials used to create the tools. In the Pre Classic time, the Mayans used stone for their tools, in the 1960’s the tools has changed to steel knives and axes. This synopsis will summarize the key points from the article by explaining the field work that was conducted, summarize the type of agriculture technique used, and explain how this article will contribute to the overall knowledge obtained for the fictional group ethnography.
Field Work
The author began her fieldwork in 1959, in the area of Lake Peten, Department of the Peten Guatemala. This lake is near the center of the Southern Maya Lowlands. The research consisted of 40 local farmers, eight that were in the local vicinity, and others which were in the surrounding Lowlands. Each farmer was interviewed and information collected consisted of technique, proportion of yield to fallow year, actual numbers of years the field was used, along…

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