Aging Is A Process That All Of Us Go Through Essay example

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Aging is a process that all of us go through and something that some people look forward to and some want to avoid. As we age there are changes that can happen, not everyone will see changes like certain diseases developing or physical ailments taking affect. The movie Still Alice follows that life of a woman and her family after she is diagnosed with the onset of early Alzheimer’s at the age of 50. She finds out that her children may carry the gene for them to also have Alzheimer’s which makes it even harder on her. She pushes for them all to be tested, which all but, her youngest daughter did. After the testing she finds out her oldest daughter Anna tested positive for the gene, her son Tom is negative and her youngest daughter Lydia did not get tested. Many people as they get older have to deal with Alzheimer’s and it is not only scary for the individual that is diagnosed with it but also for the family members that have to watch what happens to that individual. Some of the theories of aging and concepts of aging can help explain what may be happening as we watch our loved one grow older and start to deal with the issues of diseases and ailments that they did not have worry about at a younger age. Through out this paper I will explain how the theories and concepts that we learned about aging throughout the class can also apply to the movie Still Alice. Aging not only affects the physical body, but can also affect the mind of a person who has grown older.…

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