Age Has An Impact On Vote Essay

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Literature review
The main concept of this literature review is to test whether age has an impact on vote. In order to gain an insight on how age affects turnout rates, scholars have to consider several factors. For example; voters’ needs, values, experience, party identification, the voting system, ideological dimensions and the theory of market segmentation. These factors correlate with age and inevitably have an impact on vote.
It is understood that individuals of all age categories in the United Kingdom have different needs, wants and aspirations. In other words, young adults are distracted by a host of concerns for example; getting education, finding a mate, raising young children and establishing a career (Melo and Stockemer, 2014). As a result, one could theorise that young adults are in their own social group, and strictly excluded from politics. Thus, a lack of involvement in politics by young adults is a factor that has decreased turnout in general elections.
In other words, age tends to have an impact on whether an individual decides to vote. An article published by Patrick Fisher known as, ‘The Age Gap in the 2008 Presidential Election’, revolves around a key concept which theorises that, a generation gap between a group people leads to different political values (Fisher, 2010). It is known that young adults are predominantly either participating in full time education or work therefore, younger adults are too occupied thus, giving less importance to politics.…

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