African Slavery During The New World Essay

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Describe African slavery and explain how it differed from slavery in the New World and
North America.
As many know from reading the story of the enslaved Israelites in Egypt, slavery in Africa dates back to the beginning of its’ history. However, African slavery was not confined to our historical definition of slavery in America. Slavery in Africa was a broad concept and differed throughout and within kingdoms and societies. Forms of chattel slavery, serfdom, and dependent family membership were all practiced in Africa (Franklin and Higginbotham, 9). In Africa, there were several ways to become slave. Many slaves were the poor people of the society who chose to enter slavery in order to be under the protection of a wealthier family (Franklin and Higginbotham, 10). Thus, slavery was not just a force but also an optional level of status in African society. Similar to European indentured servitude, Africans often in enter into slavery when they were in debt or unable to pay court fines (Franklin and Higginbotham, 10). Some African slaves were of the same ethnic groups of their owners, but most slaves were captured from rivalry societies (Franklin and Higginbotham, 10).
The duties of slaves differed in Africa tremendously. In North America, the primary role of slaves was fieldwork. However, in Africa slaves were used for a variety of positions based upon their owner’s status and needs. The slaves of political elites often held somewhat established positions such as…

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