African Slave Rebellion Of 1763 Essay examples

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In Guyana there are few national symbols. Cuffy specifically, is a forefather of emancipation. After the abolition of slavery in 1834, and then have full emancipation in 1838, the country recognized their struggle and appreciation to their only national hero, “Cuffy.” Kofi Badu, “Cuffy,” was from Ghana, West Africa, and brought to the Dutch colony of Berbice to work as a house slave a barrel maker on the plantation of Magdalenburg. Unfortunately, after working on the plantation, Cuffy became a victim and observer of the ill treatment slaves received through their years laboring.
In this time, the African slave population grew as plantations expanded. The main concern of the white plantation owners was to extract the greatest amount of labor from the slaves. Very little effort was made to improve the wretched and degrading living conditions under which they were forced to live. With the harsh treatment, brutal punishments, this sparked the Berbice Slave rebellion of 1763. Because Cuffy was house slave he was more educated, and the rebels accepted his as their leader. With Cuffy as their leader, the african slaves rebelled, taking control the same plantations they and their fellow slaves once worked on. As soon as the slaves took over a plantation, the Europeans fled out of fright and eventually only leaving half of the Caucasians who had lived in the colony. Cuffy was extremely wise and knowledgeable of how the Dutch operated. His main objective throughout his rebellion was…

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