African Colonialism During The 19th Century Essay

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Modern colonialism is considered a feature of the 19th century. Prior to that there have been instances which can be labelled as old colonialism. As there was no colonialism in the early 19th century or in the 19 century in Libya but there was a revolution. “Modern colonialism did more than extract tributes, goods and wealth from countries that it conquered- it restructured the economies of the latter, drawing them into complex relationships with their own, so that there was a flow of both human and natural resources between the colonized and colonial countries.” (Loomba, 1998, p. 3) This paper will discuss the factors that led to the colonialism and then will exemplify one of the major reasons, i.e. economic motivation through a case study of Libya revolution revisited the 1960s under the rule of Gaddafi. Nation-state has long been associated with colonialism as a colonial legacy then to the rule of Gaddafi. This paper will discuss how colonialism played a role in the creation of a nation-state in the ex-colonies.
History and Ethnic Relations
In Libya, and most of the Middle East and North Africa countries, the modern concept of the territorial unnoticeable nation in very recent developing countries. Historically, Libya was characterized by the sets of many connections between comparatively independent communities. Even Turkish rule in the nineteenth century in the city of Tripoli was more than a city with commercial links to the…

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