African Americans During The New World Essay

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What caused Europeans to transform Africa into the most viable and exclusive source of servile labor, thus creating what amounted to racial slavery in the New world?
Racism did not cause slavery to become black, an opportunistic human race during the birth of modern capitalism did, thus Slavery created racism not vice versa.
Slavery only needed theological and philosophical foundations that hid the real sickness in people; which was the ability to consciously dehumanize and torture another one of Gods creations for pure economic gain and desires.
Greed, the “root of all evil and root of Transatlantic slavery” was not restricted to particular communities, it did not discriminate, all races, religions, social classes, were affected. The only victims being the ones whom were stripped of their human identity and reduced to mere tangible commodities.

Europeans came from a predatory, greedy, capitalist society that admired personal wealth and achievement
It is only in the Americas that one can foster the European need for mass quantities of subjected work forces. As the Portuguese and Spanish conquistadors traversed the New World, they pillaged native riches and exported them home until there was barely anything left to take. In due time, they came to the realization that they would have to make their wealth by genuinely earning it. But since these conquistadors had no intention of conducting such menial labor themselves, their eagerness to produce called for a productive and…

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