African Americans And The African American Community Essay

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Prior to studying and having a better understanding of culture, I had a bleak view of one of the communities in which I am a part of, which is the African American community. My views stemmed from my parents, other relatives, and peers, all of whom are a part of the same racial group. Since a majority of our time were spent with those from within the African American community, we would have a wide range of positive and negative experiences. However, the negative experiences were the primary focus and were used to generalize our group. This misguided focus would aid in a conclusion that African Americans as a whole were solely to blame for being lower on a hierarchical basis compared to other racial groups. My family and friends were not the only aspects of culture involved in shaping my beliefs. Movies, television shows, music, celebrities, the U.S. education system, and other forms of influence were involved in the cultural meaning system for how African Americans were portrayed. These portrayals were often times not applicable to everyone in the group and was purposely done to promote negative stereotypes. Attitudes and beliefs were conceived from the harmful depictions. Yet, there was a step-by-step process that led to the development of my perception of African Americans. Attending a Catholic, predominantly white elementary and middle school, teachers would communicate information to me and my peers. One consistent and symbolic lesson was Jesus. In the images that…

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