African Americans And Black Folk, Martin Luther King, Jr. 's Letter From A Birmingham

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Whenever racism is mention the first thing that comes to my mind is slavery in America, and the aftermath of it. White people believe that they were better than those black people and slavery was not immoral. After slavery ended because of emancipation the slaves were supposed to be treated equally to white but that wasn’t the outcome. African Americans was faced with discrimination and prejudice; white people were trying their best from allowing the black race to advance in American society. African Americans decided to fight against racism through multiple tactics; an example would be speaking or writing about their experiences. Documents like W.E.B DuBois Souls of Black Folk, Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail,” Anne Moody’s Coming of Age in Mississsippi, and Barack Obama’s “Eulogy for the Rev. Clementa C. Pinckney”; demonstrated how different African Americans time periods affected how they viewed the race issues and the similarities and difference between them. After slavery, questions arose about African-Americans’ position in society. In W.E.B DuBois’ Souls of Black Folk he wrote about how blacks have two identities; one identity is being black and the other one is being American. That African Americans would have to live with a veil or a colored line; their views on subjects would be different from white people. This document demonstrated African Americans were given freedom but still had no place in society. “He…

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