Essay African Americans And African American Literature

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African American literature is the creation and outward manifestation of the African American experience living in America, described through writing. African American’s used writing as a means to communicate their lives and struggles. The Blacks wanted their stories to be heard across the world. Even the stories that the oppressors wished would stay on the hush. To truly understand African American lit in the states and how it helped mold modern American culture, we must take a glimpse into their history here. Blacks have been in this country for many years, as slaves.
The Dutch brought the first slaves from African soil into Jamestown in the early 1600’s. Blacks weren’t originally meant to be citizens with rights. They were seen as property of the plantation or livestock, in terms of their worth. Blacks in the US were considered somewhat of a benchmark or stepping stone to immigrants. For example, one of the first derogatory terms taught to foreigners was “nigger”. Ironic how we’re all immigrants to this land, yet still people treated others as if they were doormats.

In my African American Literature class, we viewed two movies based on realistic events. The first movie was “The Butler” and the second was “The Help”. The Butler, was based on the backstory of a former slave, who became a butler, and his unwillingness to stand up to white oppression because of fear. His son however, who grew up free, was a true revolutionary at heart. He eventually joined the Black…

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