Essay on African American Women 's Roles

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African American women have been faced with severe discrimination and challenges when it comes to getting favorable roles on television shows and movies. In 2013, African Americans played in only 13 percent of roles in film (Crigger and Santhanam, 1). Women are fighting for representation on television and in movies every day, and it is rare to see an African American woman with a role that is not considered offensive. Men do not have a problem getting favorable roles for any type of film. Cheung stated that “negative imagery of black women appears twice as often as positive depictions, Essence reported in 2013” (1). African American women are getting more acting time in television shows and movies, but are being portrayed negatively compared to their male counterparts and to white male actors.
African American women are being represented more negatively than men, even if they are within the same race. Results showed that there was a significant relationship between gender and humiliation (Smith, 43). No matter what race a person may be, it is more likely that the women will be given the less desirable role, or none at all. African American women are usually only given opportunities to act or be a part of a show when the role requires being ruthless and rude. It is not unusual for women to work harder to receive more desirable roles, while men are just given desirable roles. This shows it is especially hard for African American women to fight for roles in movies…

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