African American Women Holding Senior Level Positions Within Corporations

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Chapter 1 provided a substantive overview of this qualitative phenomenological research study addressing the challenges and underrepresentation of African American women holding senior-level positions within corporations. The problem is that African American women are the least represented ethnic group holding senior-level positions within corporations (Corporate Diversity, 2010). The number of African American women holding these positions is not representative of the African American population (Freeman, 2012; U.S. Census Bureau, 2010). Jackson (2004) pointed out that the senior level appointments of women have gone primarily to White women; thus African American women continue to lag significantly behind White women in holding senior level positions. African American women hold fewer than 2% of the senior level positions in corporate America (Corporate Diversity, 2010).
African American women in leadership differ based on their experiences, backgrounds, appearances, educational levels, demographics, occupations, and beliefs. What connects them all; however, is their struggle to be accepted and respected members of society, and their desire to have a voice that can be heard in a world with many views (A. C. Collins, 2001, p. 29). There are various definitions for leadership; however, the differences in definition often reflect the professional and personal beliefs of the person or source providing the definition. All too often, the definition focuses on interpersonal…

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