African American Influence On Slavery

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Before the English came to America, the Portuguese and Spanish had established slave trading with Africa. Whenever settlers came to America, the practice was in effect. The American’s got involved in the trade and raced-base slavery became very prominent.

Our book says that some of the first blacks that came to America were indentured servants. They worked their time and became “free blacks.” They cost less than slaves, but after their time was completed they were freed. The slaves were forced into lifetime slavery, so although you had to pay more for them, they were yours indefinitely. Initially, slavery was thought of as your God chosen fate. People did not view it based on race, but that it was your unfortunate chosen misfortune in life. The color black was also noted to have been tied to evil. In return, the English correlated this with the African slaves as well. Indians were captured and turned into slaves in the America by the American’s and Spanish. Although they were slaves as well for many, many years, the racial based slavery against the African’s was much more pronounced and larger in numbers.

Africa has always been known to be at war with themselves and that stands true even today. Africans would fight and enslave each other and sell slaves to other countries. Most
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The thought that it was your chosen misfortune helped people think that it was okay to be involved with this practice. After all, it was generations upon generations of this activity. If one is brought up being taught nothing is wrong with this, why would they ever think any different? African’s are the known staple of slavery and it is no different in American history. It is a very unfortunate turn of events, but thankfully American’s began to see that this practice was not right and eventually changed for the betterment of the African

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