Essay on African American Culture Of The United States

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African American culture in the United States is very specific and individualistic from any other culture on the globe. Being that is fairly a new developed culture compared to the older countries who’ve been around for hundreds of years, Black culture still sticks out like a sore thumb. Dealing with major social and political complications Black Americans are forced into making certain decisions into their lifestyle due to the obstacles that they faced. Also, granted as America grew so did the culture of all social groups. Despite the effects of slavery, racism and discrimination there have been a positive rise in the success of African Americans. But, there is still culture attached to the individual regardless of the shift in their social class. Since the early discovery of the United States black culture has been stolen, discredited, and misused: in recent years it continues to appropriate into fashion, music and language, with rising social issues this appropriation to Black culture will only cause more damage and divide to society’s social groups. There is already an underlying problem with America and the black community that deals with injustice as well as discrimination, and finally racial profiling. With the recent deaths of Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, and Mike Brown, “Black lives Matter” has been created to highlight the injustice black people experience from police brutality. A large number of Black Americans are involved in the movement…

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