Affirmative Action Should Be Banned Across The United States Essay

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A Race-Free Opportunity “The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal” (Aristotle). This is the foundation when it comes to affirmative action programs. Such programs aim to favor education and employment opportunities for historically deprived individuals, mainly to minority groups. Nonetheless, affirmative action has become outdated in our present society because it is now resulting in discriminating against non-minorities. To be completely fair, college admissions should be exclusively based on a person’s qualification and academic achievement rather than taking their race or any other factor of disadvantage into consideration. True opportunity for people can come from other earlier forms of education that don’t involve racial-based programs. Affirmative Action should be banned across the United States because it does not provide equal opportunity for everyone nor does it integrate enough diversity, but rather it discriminates against non-minorities. Affirmative action was needed before to allow disadvantaged people gain opportunities in education and employment, but it has become outdated in the present society. The achievement of the Civil Rights era was to gain affirmative action policies for minorities. The definition of affirmative action is “…taking direct, positive steps to increase the representation (especially in schools and workplaces) of groups that have faced discrimination in the past”. This was a compensation given to…

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