Aetna Case Essay

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Aetna: Investing in Diversity Case
By Wayne Cascio, Ph.D.


Wayne Cascio, Ph.D.

SHRM project contributor:

Nancy A. Woolever, SPHR

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Katya Scanlan, copy editor


Blair Wright, senior graphic designer

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Development of this case was made possible by a grant from the Society for Human Resource Management and the National Academy of Human Resources. All of the characters in the case are fictitious. Information presented was current as of the time the case was written. Any errors are solely the author’s.
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At the same time, he is eager to showcase the company’s diversity initiatives and their results, both direct and indirect.
The board has allocated 35 minutes for Raymond’s presentation and another 15 minutes for questions. In preparing his remarks, Raymond has assembled a wide range of information and has to decide what to include and what to exclude. Time constraints simply do not allow him to present everything he would like. Bottom line: he has to make logical arguments and a compelling case to the board to support the company’s continued investments in diversity.
He has information relevant to the following issues:
1. Company background.
2. Current economic environment.
3. The business case for diversity.
4. Aetna’s 2009-2011 HR strategy.
5. Aetna’s values-based approach to running its business and its broad-based approach to diversity.
6. Direct and indirect payoffs from Aetna’s diversity efforts.

© 2009 Society for Human Resource Management. Wayne Cascio, Ph.D. 1

As Raymond surveys the information, he is feeling a bit overwhelmed. He asks himself, “How am I ever going to be able to condense all of this into a 35-minute presentation?” While he is unsure of all of the details of his presentation, Raymond

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