Aeneas 's Journey Vs. Odyssey Essay

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Aeneas’ journey compared to Greek heroes in epic, is distinctly bigger picture. His story doesn’t fall into the confines of bigger happenings, like a moment in the Trojan War or the end of a ten year journey home. Aeneas’ journey is the founding of Rome. It’s not as personal a journey when comparison to the Odyssey where Odysseus makes his voyage home to his wife and son. While there is no doubt that Vergil has created a story about Aeneas and his experiences, the end result is about much more than his legacy, it is about the legacy of Rome. In contrast, Odysseus’ story is very narrow, having the greatest effect on those closest to him. Their treks into the Underworld are not much different. Odysseus experiences a very personal journey that affects his life and world, Aeneas, in contrast, journeys to Hades and finds his purpose and role in the founding of Rome, making Aeneas more heroic than Odysseus.
After Odysseus makes the decision to leave Aeaea and return home, Circe presents to him what the next part of his journey will entail, “Odysseus, old campaigner… / another journey calls. You must travel down / to the House of Death and the awesome one, Persephone, / there to consult the ghost of Tiresias, seer of Thebes, / the great blind prophet whose mind remains unshaken,” (Ody. 10: 537-542). Instead of immediately leaving, Odysseus must go to Hades in order to know the correct way to reach Ithaca. The takeaway from this is that the sole reason Odysseus is going to the…

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