Advocates For Lowering The Voting Age Essay

1496 Words Feb 16th, 2016 6 Pages
Before you completely dismiss this idea hear me out. This idea has precedent internationally counties Austria, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, and the United Kingdom have extended voting rights for 16 year olds and all have historically better voter turnout then the United States. Advocates for lowering the voting age argue that it could increase government responsiveness and help reinvigorate our democracy. In state after state and around the world, allowing young people to vote in elections has had a real positive effects. Many states in our country have extended voting rights to 17 year olds to vote in primaries to nominate candidates for Governor, Congress, and the President. Lowering the voting age to sixteen would increase interest in politics among both adults and young people. It would help bring apathetic adults back to the polls. Studies have shown that young people, who participate in national mock elections, bring their enthusiasm for politics back to their parents, who vote in higher numbers. This “trickle-up effect” has had its greatest impact among parents from lower socio-economic backgrounds. This is especially important in the District, which has a high number of low-income families. Lowering the voting age to accommodate 16 and 17 year olds would be the best way to discuss the issues that pertain to youth. Young people care deeply about improving education, reducing poverty, and taking care of the environment. Critics of this proposal argue that young people…

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