Advertisement For Esurance Car Insurance Essay

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"Sorta you isn 't you." This is the new phrase in most of the commercials for Esurance car insurance. I 've picked a certain commercial from all the Esurance commercials with the new slogan. Sorta Marge is the name of the commercial, and t the beginning of we see something isn 't right on the construction site. A beauty pageant queen sits in the crane machine who isn 't the best at answering questions about her opinion on healthcare in the America of the U.S. But Marge and this beauty pageant queen both like saving money on car insurance but that doesn 't mean the beauty pageant queen can work the crane machine. We 'll be analyzing the propaganda techniques, the appeals being used, and the instincts being preyed on in this commercial.

First, the propaganda techniques that are used in the 'Sorta Marge ' commercial are glittering generalities, plain folks, and bandwagon. How it uses plain folk is it first shows us a boss at a construction site just wearing normal clothes and a hard hat you would expect someone working that type of job to wear. He is also very concerned that the person using the crane is going to hurt someone because their not operating the machine right, which is how we expect a normal boss at a construction site to do. Then we see sorta Marge a beauty pageant queen sitting in the crane machine. Now she looks very out of place there but she does look exactly how someone would imagine a beauty queen to look. Now even though the construction site boss is more…

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