Adverse Trends and data management Essay

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Adverse Trends and Data Management Ashana Brown HCS/482 April 13, 2015


Adverse trends occur in the healthcare setting at an alarming rate. “Such incidents pose considerable challenges to an organization, both in terms of the need to respond intelligently to their occurrence and in terms of the need to deal with their aftermath” (Charles, 2003). Adverse trends are treatable and preventable when addressed in a timely manner. “The failure of health care professionals and health institutes to address this problem has threatened to undermine public confidence
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Sources may include data from the patient’s chart such as, the skin assessment form from the date of admission,
Braden scale scores, history and physical, the TAR, and physicians orders. “The purpose of a


data collection tool is for gathering specific details of an intervention in an organized, systematic, and scientifically robust manner” (Hebda & Czar, 2013). Once the data is collected all of the information obtained would need to be thoroughly reviewed to ascertain where the surge in pressure ulcers is stemming from. It would also be important to interview patients and staff, evaluate the products that are being used in treating the ulcers, and perform meticulous skin assessments at increased intervals. This data would be important in helping to determine how the incidence of pressure ulcers increased. The ultimate goal would be to heal pressure ulcers already present and attempt to prevent any new occurrences. “Because pressure ulcers are a good indicator of quality of care, the failure to prevent or heal them can lead to litigation” (Lyder,
2003). The data collected regarding the adverse trend should give the interdisciplinary team an eagerness to address the issue as expeditiously as possible to prevent any further complications.
Current treatment measures could also be reevaluated to expose any gaps in care.

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