Advantages Of Renting A Home Essay

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In America owning your own home is called the “American Dream”. Some may look at it and say, what makes it a dream? Many people look at it as something that is theirs that, relatively speaking, no one can take it away or make them do what they don’t want to do. Owning a home gives some asset to the work you do and money you earn and possible leave something for your family when you pass. However, many others see owning a home as a burden and additional expense and would rather pay rent to someone. Let’s look at some advantages of renting verses owning a home.
1) Advantages of renting
a. Less responsibility: Not many people I know of look forward to coming up with hundreds and maybe thousands of dollars to make home, appliance, AC repairs. When you rent the landlord is responsible for upkeep and maintenance saving you that expense and responsibility.
b. More mobility: Depending on where you are in your life, you are more free to move around for family or better jobs. Most college graduates will rent for a period of time in search of the job they desire and will not have to be saddled with the burden of selling or renting a house they own. As time passes and family settle then people usually tend to buy. Then aging parents sometimes decide to rent again to have the mobility to be close to family.
c. More liquidity: Not having some of the responsibility as discussed previously leaves more money in your pocket for things you enjoy. The $1500 refrigerator that you didn’t…

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