Advantages And Disadvantages Of A380

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These days many people argue about the best aircraft in the world, there are two aircrafts that people argue about first A380 from airbus family and the other one B747 from boeing family , each one of them has its advantages and disadvantages . However airbus 380 and Boeing 747 are the largest commercial aircrafts but there are similarities and differences between them. In this paper I am going to examine which aircraft is better A380 or B747. In order to do this I will present two main sections. Firstly, I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of A380. Then I will examine the advantages and disadvantages of B747.

In this section I am going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of A380 by giving a lot
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A380 has 500 seats divided to three different classes first class, business class and economy class, this aircraft is the most expensive commercial aircraft in the whole history of aviation it costs about $428 million, this aircraft is the aircraft that all the pilots dream to fly with, all the people around the world want to be one of the passengers in A380 "since A380 started flying seven years ago, it has caught the imagination of travelers " (Jad Mouawad, 2014). A380 has four engines and with its four engines take this 560-ton airplane to a cruising altitude of 40,000 feet in 20 minutes. A380 is very long its length about 72 meters but this does not mean it is the longest commercial aircraft , the internal cabin width of A380 is 6.54 meters , the range of A380 is very long the range here means the distance that the aircraft can cover and the range of this aircraft is 8,300 nautical miles without refueling, which allows the aircraft to leap-frog many of the hub airports that are an essential stopover for other …show more content…
B747 is the second largest aircraft in the world it was designed and manufactured by Boeing industry in USA ,this aircraft officially announced in 2005, this aircraft can carry about 467 passengers in three classes first class, business class and economy class, it is length about 76 meters this makes it the longest commercial aircraft in the world, one of the important advantage of this aircraft is that it can do everything that A380 does but this aircraft is much cheaper, it costs about $317million, B747 can cover long distance exactly it can cover 8,000 nautical the pilot can fly this aircraft from New York to Hong Kong or from London to Singapore. A lot of people think B747 is the most beautiful airline in the sky, it has a unique shape makes it different from the other aircrafts. Another important advantage is that in B747 you can increase the main-deck capacity. So the capacity of B747 can vary from 4 additional passengers to over 30 passengers. Another advantage of this aircraft is that it produces less wake turbulence than the A380 and requires less separation between aircraft. . However B747 has a lot of advantages but it also has some disadvantages. For example, the overall cargo capacity is reduced because of the space that is taken up by the lower lobe galleys. Another disadvantage is that the airplane empty weight is

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