Advantage And Disadvantage Of A Network Essay

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A network refers to a group of computers and other devices that are connected together usually by communication lines. The internet is a global network connecting millions of computers throughout the world allowing them to send and receive information. When it comes to multimedia communication both the internet and the network are vital platforms since multimedia elements such as graphics, videos, texts and audio need to be sent from one computer to another. As we know sending a file through the network or the internet is always faster and minimizes the chances of it getting infected. Sending and receiving these elements via the network or the internet has several advantages but also faces some challenges.

Advantages comprises of:
Speed - Sharing and transferring of elements
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However to overcome this, a back-up server can be switched into action when the main server fails. A fault on a network may also stop users from being able to access shared peripherals such as printers. To minimize this, a network is normally segmented so that a failure in one part of it does not affect other parts.
For networks to be efficient a skillful systems manager is needed. A badly managed network may operate less efficiently than non-networked computers. Also, a badly run network may allow unauthorized users (hackers) into it with little protection against them causing damage, such as deleting or manipulating important files. Also the larger the network the harder it is to manage.
If a user was working on a file and the network faults, data may be lost since the file was not saved.
Some of the multimedia elements’ extensions produce files with large sizes which makes it slower to pass along the network or even attach to an email on the

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