Essay on Adopting A Good, Working Posture

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Adopting a good, working posture allows for the proper use of the body’s muscles in minimizing work effort. It also allows for good blood circulation to areas of the body commonly affected by MSIs (Palmer, 2011).
Engineering Control
Structure re-modification The redesigning of tools or workstations may be necessary in preventing MSIs. Modification of the design may reduce awkward wrist positions and minimize the effects of repetitive motions (Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, 2015). Proper designing of hand tools, minimizes awkward positioning of the hand and wrist when the task involves repetitive movement (Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, 2015).
Other engineering controls include the following:
a. A lever to lift and transport the heavy timber woods
b. A two wheeled trolley for moving the woods
c. Rollers on the floor of the cargo truck
d. Hand truck with the logs raised off the floor
e. Hand trolley for woods
f. Structural modification for a two-person lift
g. Wheeled dolly
h. Hand operated electric powered hoist
i. Automated overhead trolleys
j. Variable height scissor lift to transfer the log to the truck
k. Forklift for palletized timber logs
l. Mobile floor crane
(Government of Alberta, 2013)
Ensuring that the tool fits the worker is a good ergonomic theory advocate in the prevention of MSI’s (Palmer et al., 2007).
In some situations, and with particular heavy or awkward load like the timber log, it may not be reasonably…

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