Adolf Hitler And The Nazi Party Essay

1500 Words Mar 14th, 2016 6 Pages
In 1933, the world’s most famous dictator rose to power. Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party controlled Germany for twelve years, imposing their beliefs on their country and the other countries they gained control of during World War II. One of the most horrendous policies Hitler imposed was eugenics, the creation of a master race. Although he did not have blond hair or blue eyes, Hitler believed these were important qualities for a superior race. This quest led to the murders of over six million Jews, Christians, disabled, and elderly (Black). It may seem like the policy of eugenics was buried with the defeat of the Nazi Party, but the idea of a master race is becoming an increasing possibility today. Advances in technology, such as designer babies, can lead to the transformation of Hitler’s dream into a reality. Designer babies could be created by the manipulation of genes in an embryo. Scientists could edit genes that code for hair and eye color, height, intelligence, and genetic disorders, among other traits. These babies are often referred to in the media as GMO babies (Ko). The science behind designer babies is not advanced enough yet because DNA and genes are extremely complex. The Human Genome Project spent thirteen years and three billion dollars to sequence an entire human genome, which is composed of around 3,200,000,000 nucleotides. Although the order of these nucleotides is known, scientists are not sure which sequence of nucleotides code for which trait. For…

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