Adolescent, Antisocial Behavior And Behavior Essay

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Their aggressive and sometimes disruptive behaviour may lead to a limited education and therefore limit the opportunities for good jobs. This in turn might lead to criminal activity in order to earn money, which could lead to further limitation of opportunities (Moffitt, 1993). Thereby maintaining and supporting the course their decisions and characteristics lead them on, away from conventional behaviours and towards antisocial, criminal behaviours.
On the other hand, Moffitt (1993) also identifies adolescent-limited as part of the adolescent offenders. Adolescent-limited antisocial behaviour is defined by antisocial behaviour that starts occurring during adolescence and discontinues at the beginning of adulthood. These individuals have no history of antisocial behaviour in their childhood and are unlikely to continue this behaviour in the future. These individuals are also not consistent with their antisocial behaviour in different situations. While life-course-persistent individuals act antisocially in all situations, changing their type of antisocial behaviour to fit the circumstances, adolescent-limited individuals might only express antisocial behaviours in certain situations but not in others.
The cause of adolescent-limited antisocial behaviour is theorised for one to be social mimicry. Adolescents who do not express life-course-persistent antisocial behaviour, might still know or observe individual who are. Adolescents might observe an advantage in this…

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