Essay on Addressing The Growing Needs Of The Senior

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I had sent Email to Costas Menegakis who is the Conservative in Richmond Hill, but after a week I did not receive any message for Mr. Menegakis. Therefore, I sent the Email within another candidate Adam DeVita, who is the NDP Candidate in Richmond Hill. He was quickly reply message to me, I feel that he works very efficiently that have a good impression to the public.

I created some questions to ask for them. Based on in the upcoming election, I have a few questions want to ask you relate to senior issues.
1. How do you plan to address the growing needs of this group?
2. How will you promote successful ageing?
3. After the election, how do you suggest the Government provide some service for elderly people?
4. How do you to encourage the younger generation to the concerns of the senior?

Adam DeVita answered my question that provide various services for the older people. Mr. DeVita mainly focus on fight poverty, due to poverty is the cause of many health problems, or a failure to fix them. Mr DeVita and his team promised and provided several ways to help senior issues.

To relieve aging, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair announces plan for stronger pensions and retirement security. That will convene First Minister’s meeting on CPP/QPP and pension security in first six months of mandate so provinces have a reliable partner. Also, NDP is protecting pension-income splitting for seniors and Registered Retirement Income Fund enhancements. Also, they will keep Pension Income Splitting. Mr.…

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