Addressing Racism Experienced And Perpetuated By Prisoners And Staff

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I aim to critically assess racism experienced and perpetuated by prisoners and staff. I will also look at the efforts that have been made to address it within the prison system.
People often use both terms race and ethnicity. The difference is that race is biological, whereas ethnicity is social. "Ethnicity is used to describe social groups believed or perceived to differ from other social groups in terms of various possible characteristics including geographical origin, language, cultural traditions and religion, among many other things. However, much of the time some fairly broad categories are used such as white, black, Asian etc." (Newburn, pg772).
In terms of looking at racism within prisons the term 'race ' tends to come up quite a bit. Scott and Codd (2009) state that there is no such thing as 'race '. They state that "all humans are equal and have so much in common, despite colour of skin, language or where they were born". Saying this, this does not mean that the term 'race ' isnt used out of context, people can use it to give people a label and how a person may define others. Scott and Codd also state that "Although there are no actual racial divisions between humans, a phenomenon does not have to be real for it to have very real social consequences" (2009:pg 72). This could explain why there is racism occurring in prisons.
Also according to Edgar, (2007) Scott and Codd (2009) there are three different forms of racism by both prison inmates, prison…

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