Addiction Treatment Of Substance Abuse Essay

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Addiction Treatment Centers in Fayetteville, Arkansas
When deciding where to go for substance abuse or addiction treatment it is important to consider whether it is in your best interest to stay local or travel to a new area. Addiction treatment centers in Fayetteville, Arkansas can help guide you to the road to recovery whether you are a local resident or are coming to Fayetteville from outside the state. Addiction treatment centers in Fayetteville, Arkansas welcome all those who are looking forward to a new life in recovery.
Substance abuse is a pattern of behavior that begins and ends with the consistent, and continual, use and abuse of drugs and, or alcohol. The pattern that is substance abuse is not unlike a domino effect, as one by one, pieces of the user’s life fall to the wayside as the addictive substance corrupts the mind and body of its user. There is hope here for a break in the cycle. Appropriate, professional drug and alcohol treatment services can intervene to break the chain of events before they get out of control.
Addiction is a chronic disease that is caused by continued substance abuse. Depending upon the *substance abused, prolonged use of an addictive substance leads to ever-increasing amounts ingested at one time to achieve the same results. This is tolerance, and tolerance leads to dependence. A common sign of addiction is also the presence of withdrawal symptoms when attempting to stop use of the drug. The mental and physical effects of addiction and…

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