Addiction : Poverty And Homelessness Essay

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Addiction. Poverty. Homelessness. This is the Tenderloin of San Francisco. As far as the eye can see are people who have made these very streets their home; people, who at some point in their lives, have gotten brushed aside and forgotten by the rest of the world. The diverse population living here has accepted the dirty streets, the never ending stench, the abundance of drug use, and the constant state of being without a home. Walking down the streets of the Tenderloin in San Francisco is like being in a different world. It’s a place where the norms of society no longer apply. It’s a place that forced me to get outside of myself and see the people around me.
From an outsider’s perspective, the Tenderloin appears to merely be a place where homeless people live. The rest of the nation perceives it to be a place filled with dark alleys and people who have failed in life, no longer having any value. From the inside, though, the district reveals itself to be so much more. The Tenderloin, though it is consumed with countless terrible situations, is established by a community with unimaginable hearts and stories. It is not the crime rate, the fear, the drugs, or even the poverty that defines this cramped district of San Francisco. The people with incredible hearts, unexplainable joy, and heartbreaking stories are ultimately what give the Tenderloin its identity.
Walking through the streets of San Francisco I encountered person after person with their own heart wrenching story.…

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