Essay about Addiction Is A Form Of Technical Disciplines Of Psychiatry

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Have you heard someone said addiction or if you know someone has an addiction to something? And what do you understand about addition? I chose this word because I do not fully understand it as a society as where is the line draw between having fun and addition? What the line do you have to cross for it to be considering as an addition on the body mentally and physically? We cannot and will never know but we can better define it by thinking about the effects of addition. Addiction is the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychology or physically habit forming to such as an extent that it is cessation cause serve trauma. Addiction is a form of technical disciplines of psychiatry, public health disciplines and a number of other medical specialists. Before, addition the approach focuses on substances such as alcohol, tobacco, narcotics, addictive drugs, then intimacy clinical, neurological physiology, therapy. Nowadays, other forms of addiction not related to the substance as addictive gambling, online gaming addiction , coffee addition, sex addition and more; it can be anything in today’s society and it have given rise to the general concept of addiction.
The term addiction is originated from Latin alphabet "addictere" archaic punishment is aimed for those foul repairs, change yourself, and it is a now to describe a habit. The recent progress made clear clinical definition, as well as on the therapeutic strategy. These enable better…

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