Essay about Adam Was The Younger Child I Observed

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Adam was the younger child I observed; he was around 12-18 months old. He was a very active child and moved around the room very frequently, seeming like he lost focus really quickly while playing. Adam is developmentally he is right where he should be. With motor skills, he is walking and slightly running smoothly, he also has mastered skills like stacking object and can successfully remove his socks and shoes alone. From what I could see he didn’t communicate much verbally with others in the classroom, mainly mumbles to himself as he was playing. I did see that Adam was very cognitively developed, I could see him thinking about things as he was playing with them, such as stacking the bowls. He wasn’t able to get them to fit the first few times, but kept trying until it was right. Also, every once in a while, he would pause what he was doing and scan the classroom looking at all of the other children to see what they were doing before he made his next decision on where to go. His weaknesses is temperament, I found that Adam was often unable to express his emotions and would in stead cry or push away. I think this is connected to his lack of communication skills and not knowing how to talk yet, or how to communicate your feels. While his Strengths are his motor and social skills. He never directly interacted in play with other children, but he would engage in parallel play along side them. Callie was a more introverted, she often played quieter, more engaged with her…

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