Essay on Adam Smith And The Communist Manifesto

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One might have same views, but what is different is that they approach them differently. Adam Smith and Karl marx are two economic philosophers best known for their social and economic thinking on how to drive an economy of capitalist views. These ideas in each of their works the Wealth of the Nations by Adam Smith and The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx both portray their ideologies on how a society functions. These ideas still lives with generations and gives lineage to the capitalistic society we live in. However, the same ideas that these economic philosopher had drove to different conclusions on how a capitalistic society should function. Adam Smith a scottish philosopher who was born on June 16 1723. After a new vision of political freedom was introduced in the West, through the Declaration Of Independence, Adam smith vision of economic freedom was introduced. In the west, the times of Adam Smith most Europeans followed the ideas of mercantilism, which was the belief that having gold and silver were sources of wealth. Adam Smith disagreed with such belief in which he believed in goods and services. Adam Smith writes in the Wealth of Nations “People cannot eat precious metals, nor can they be sheltered by them in storms or warmed them in the winter.” Adam believed that having scarce materials , in th will not lead to an economic success, in such way you need to foster the benefits of its citizens. These ideas are embedded in his book “The…

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