Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia And Its History Essay

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What is A.L.L. and its history? Acute lymphocytic leukemia, or known as A.L.L., was discovered in 1913. For leukemias, there are two main types, chronic and acute. Since this is an acute disease, it is very fast acting. If it goes untreated, then it can become fatal in as little as a few months. This type of leukemia affects, particularly, the bone marrow. It begins in the white blood cells located there, called leukocytes. Although it is primarily in the bone marrow, it does have the ability to travel through the body to different regions.

Incidence of Occurrence: There are approximately 6,000 new cases diagnosed annually. Of these cases, it is split almost evenly between male and female victims. Out of the known cases of A.L.L., there are, also, around 1,500 deaths each year. The probability that a person could develop this cancer can be influenced by many risk factors. Some factors include; radiation exposure, chemical exposure, certain viral infections, race, gender, and whether or not a person has an identical twin. If someone had an identical twin with this particular cancer, then they would have an increased risk of obtaining this cancer as well.

Those affected: For this cancer, there are many subpopulations that are affected more than others. Caucasian males are the most affected subpopulation. It is unknown why this population is known to be affected more than others. Children between the ages of two and four years old are, also, known to account for…

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