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Activity 4.4 - Case Study - Measurement of Variables - Operational Definitions

Measurement is the assignment of numbers to characteristics (or attributes) of objects according to a pre-specified set of rules. Describe the object and characteristics of Syafiq’s study.
The object of the study is to help the Standard Asian Merchant Banks SP department understand how, and to what extent, the customers use the website and how it can be simplified in order to reduce the number of help calls associated with it.
The author of the study, Syafiq, must decide which characteristics of the study are likely to be relevant to users of the review. The characteristics of this study are Information Quality, System Quality,
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Information Quality refers to the basic idea behind the questions asked in the research. The ideas were researched by Syafiq and added to the conceptual model to show that the questions asked by the reference authors could be used in another test and show correlation and the ability to measure abstract and subjective concepts in the study.
Information content consists of elements such as the amount and quality of the information provided on the website.
Relevance refers to the precision, usefulness and applicability to the needs of users.
Information Currency/Up to date relates to the timeliness of information and the timely updating of new/corrected information.
Goodness of information/understandability refers to the information being provided in a way that is clear to users and easy to understand. Information that is written in a way that an average user would not be able to comprehend does not show “goodness”.
Completeness means that all necessary, sufficient and detailed information is provided for the scope of information needed.
Information dependability/reliability is the use of information considered both credible and consistent.
Accuracy refers to the provided information meeting users’ expectations of reliability, accuracy and detail, as well as being the most up-to-date information available.

Information Benefit refers to the degree to which the user believes that the information on the website will enhance

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