Essay Active Resistance Shown By Harriet Jacobs

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Active Resistance Shown by Harriet Jacobs in Incidents in the Life of Slave Girl
Women in the society have continued to face challenges since time memorial. For a long time now, women have been objectified and consequently, treated as if they were properties for the convenience of their male counterparts. This explains both the genesis and the essence of feminism, which preoccupies itself with the attainment of equal rights for black women. This offers believability to Harriet Jacob’s account of female active resistance to sexism as represented in her book, “The Life of a Slave Girl.” The story is purposed to outline the brutality of the sexual harassments that women, of yesteryears as of today, face. Notably, the story is a personal account of Harriet’s own experience of sexism, from the perspective of a slave girl. Harriet Jacobs shows incidents of active resistance in the, “Life of a Slave Girl.”
Harriet Jacob, in her narration, “The Life of a Slave a Girl’, shows many instances of resistance, most of which represent open opposition against her slave master, Dr. Flint. The man was cruel to such an extent that he predisposed his employees even to death, owing to the mercilessness of his beatings. When Linda reaches adolescence, the old man starts to make sexual advancements towards her. She constantly tells him off, threatening to speak out. In the due course of time, the old man relapses to his sexism, and subjects Linda to harassment on these same grounds. Often, he…

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