Acquainted With The Night By Robert Frost Essay

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Acquainted With The Night
The writer of the poem, Acquainted With The Night, Robert Frost has an outstanding contribution in the fields of lyric poetry and dramatic narrative poetry during his lifetime. Frost struggle from lots of hardship and unfortunate experiences during his life; therefore, Frost always expresses his sorrow, loneliness and sadness through writing. The world in Frost’s eye is complicated because he regards the world as a mixture of good and evil. Some of his poetry describe the beauty of the nature and appreciate the nature. However, some works of Frost criticize the ability of the nature to harm the human beings. No matter what kind of poetry Frost writes, he is able to simulate his readers to consider deeply about the poetry by using some simple and austere words. One of his poetry, Acquainted With The Night, which is made up of straightforward words and simple style, creates different association of different readers. The narrator of this poem admit and accept the night as well as any accomplishment of the night, like fear and loneliness; therefore, the narrator believes he is the one acquainted with the night. There are five stanzas in this poem, and each stanza describe different activities in the mind of the narrator. In the first line of the poem, the speaker announces directly that he has been one acquainted with the night. The word “night” is the key word in this poem, and most people will associate the night with fear and death. However, it…

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