Essay on Acme Title Pawn

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Acme Title Pawn
Group: KPSN Consultants

 Summary of case
 Ethical issues present in the case
 Discuss dilemma faced by decision makers in the case
 Application of Ethical theories
1. Utilitarianism
2. Universalism
3. Ethical Relativism
 Recommendations
 References

 Acme Title Pawn was in the business of providing loans to a target market consisting of mostly high risk customers, example, gamblers, persons with little or no credit history and those with poor credit history, predominantly from the minority groups such as African American (mostly migrants) and Hispanic communities (low income earners).
 High staff turnover despite attractive compensation packages.
 In sync with the title loan
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All in all, despite its many issues internally and externally, Acme Title Pawn served its purpose as a Utilitarian.

Deontological Theory

Deontology is derived from the word “deon,” the Greek word for duty. The Deontology theory holds that consequences are relevant to determining what we out to do hence the means justifies the end. (Boatright, 2009) The most common example Deontology is Universalism. Universalism (Immanuel Kant)-treating persons as mean in and of themselves rather than means to an end.

This theory states that individuals have a duty to perform certain acts not because of some benefits to themselves or others, but because of the nature of these actions or the rules from which they follow (Boatright, 2009).
The staff members of Acme Title Pawn had a responsibility to act in an ethical manner when conducting business with their clients. As stated by Kant in his theory of universalism, any act you perform should be above board and be able to withstand scrutiny. Even though Acme operated by using a legal interest rate on loans to their clients, there were many other questionable acts within their operations.In executing their duties, the staff members of Acme Title Pawn did not think about their clients’ welfare. In most instances the following was not done at Acme during the processing of a loan:
 Full information was not given about the value of the loan in many instances, that is, customers were not provided with interest rates,

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