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To look up at Seven-Eleven Japan as a business and supply chain management model is the ability to gather data about its customers and transform it into “information”. As seen, the company’s key success is the integration among partners as well as share information through highly evolved data-rich supply chain system. Altogether they help facilitate a coordinated supply chain.
That is to say, Seven-Eleven Japan knows who is buying which product and at what time, the company knows it because the system is really efficient. Now the system knows who, where and what is sold at any time of the day, thus the supply chain is really responsive and offer the goods where it is needed. This enables Seven-Eleven Japan to be ahead of all others about
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According to several researches I haved looked up, in less than 10 years, Seven-Eleven Japan has done a lot of progress in information technologies, and more in inventory management. Now, everything can be controlled on computers, and the company really knows what it needs. Seven-Eleven even works with some companies in order to have the best infrastructure. All the stocks available depend on local customer demand, each stores have different stocks. Importantly, Seven-Eleven does not allow direct store delivery in Japan, but has all products flow through its distribution centers. One distribution center works with 50 to 60 retailers, so each store does not have to keep huge amount of stocks. That is, Seven-Eleven knows what is sold in which store, so it is easy to know which items each store needs. From my perspective, I would say ‘direct’ store delivery is more appropriate when the store knows it will sell the product in a short period of time. It is also more appropriate when the store wants the goods really quickly, because customers do not want to wait too long when they really need something. Basically, Seven-eleven is known to sell and have almost everything everyone needs, so it is better not to let shelves empty. It is also not good for the company reputation itself if people can see empty space in the store. It can be said that all these shelves full of goods in Seven-Eleven show that the supply chain is

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