ACE Group RFP Policy Report Essay

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ACE Group RFP Policy Report

Competitive Bidding, Contract Preparation and Contract Management Seminar


ACE Group, founded in 1995, is a large Chinese corporation which specializes in corporate logo image design, advertising banner production and installation. It is a design, production, installation, engineering, and trade integration, an international brand and domestic famous enterprise comprehensive match Ad ID provider. As the leader of logo image industry, ACE not only has an area of more than forty thousand-square-meter production base, but also unites a number of highly qualified teams of professionals in more than 20-province network of services for the projects throughout China
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3. Analysis of Policy
Upon reviewing the existing policy, I found that there are a few important parts of information need to be specified. I’ll explain them in more detail.
3.1 What information should be included in an RFP?
The complexity and level of detail in an RFP document needs to reflect the value and/or complexity of the contract opportunity.
Some standard information relevant to the requirement that should be provided to potential suppliers includes the following:
a) Information about ACE Group and the requiring department;
b) The background of the project or requirement;
c) Scope of the project and any restrictions on the scope of the work;
d) Key deliverables or outcomes;
e) Benchmarks outlining the requiring department’s expectations, such as a supplier’s experience and qualifications;
f) Risk and critical success factors;
g) Performance standards;
h) Governing legislation;
I) Specific directions for the content and format of proposals;
j) Administrative Requirements;
k) Delivery and Performance;
l) Change management and distribute resolve;
j) Proposal submittal and openings. RFP document will also define the terms and conditions of the RFP process, including the mandatory and desirable criteria that will be used to evaluate the submissions received.
Generally speaking, a proposal document package submitted by a bidder or vendor should include the following: a) Service

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