Access And Equity At Brisbane State High School Essay

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Access and Equity at Brisbane State High School

An individual’s decision to participate in a particular sport can often be influenced by contributing social factors that can directly and indirectly shape their opinions with respect to that specific sport (Houlihan et al 2008). Such factors can be illustrated and understood utilising Figueroa’s framework, outlining exactly how they can influence and impact one’s decisions (Amezdroz et al 2010). Netball is an enjoyable yet highly competitive game requiring a large set of skills, excellent fitness levels and that of endurance levels, which is acquired through long periods of practice and training (Netball Australia et al 2015). Restriction due to limited availability of appropriate facilities and time hindering the ability to effectively train and gain such skills and characteristics raises issues concerning equity and access, two guiding principles in the study of the sociology of sport (Evans et al 1993), and forms a significant impact on participation, opportunity and enjoyment within netball. The school’s expectations of and value in academic performance in comparison to sporting performance can influence the provision of facilities and equipment that, if provided, would consequently broaden my accessibility and availability to the sport.
At Brisbane State High School (BSHS), netball as a competitive sport is offered as part of the Queensland Girls’ Secondary Schools Sporting Association (QGSSSA) to girls in all…

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