Essay on Abuse Versus Addiction

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Essay: Abuse vs. Addiction
Terry V. Hites
Liberty University

Essay: Abuse vs. Addiction There is a war being wage here in America. No, it is not a civil war, nor is it the war on terrorism. This war is an effort to fight drug abuse and addiction; however, America is losing this battle. Doweiko (2012) reports that more than 15% of a state’s budget is used to fight and maintain this war (p. 2). Ruiz (2014) reports that the Ohio state Attorney General Mike DeWine says Ohio has 47 counties out of 88 with an epidemic of heroin use and associated crimes. Likewise, she (2014) reports that Ohio is as well losing this war and Ohioans are dying from overdoses. These figures for Ohio have risen from
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In like-mindedness, Doweiko (2012) asserts that detoxification alone is not sufficient alone to address opiate addiction; he goes on to say that 90% of those will relapse within six months (p. 415). In an attempt to avoid the symptoms of withdrawal, often times addicts will return to regular use and relapse in their recovery process. To make the distinction between abuse and addiction, Clinton (nd) describes there is a fine line; this transition progresses from the mind “obsessing” about the use (abuse) to the body “needing” the drug (addiction). Doweiko (2012) indicates that the user can initially begin to abuse opiates to feel good, feel pleasure, and receive feelings compared to a sexual orgasm (p. 152). Moreover, the user may not anticipate the rapid ability to move from abuse into physical addiction or dependency on this drug. He (2012) postulates that the physical dependency can actually develop in a matter of days of continued use, unbeknownst to the individual (p. 157). In like manner, the person may not anticipate the withdrawal symptoms from discontinued use. Hogan (2007) states that they have a “physical feeling of (the) withdrawal symptoms, such as sweating, diarrohea [sic] and vomiting, which they described as being ‘sick’ or ‘dying sick’ as one of the most serious

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